Monday, January 27, 2014

Episode 28: Her and The Doll

Continuing their look at some of the more acclaimed films of 2013, this week Mike and Sean talk about Spike Jonze's man-machine romance Her while also looking back almost a century to Ernst Lubitsch's 1919 silent comedy The Doll. They also find time to take shots at David O. Russell's ludicrous American Hustle, debate the merits of screenplay stealing, make their picks for Essential Voice-Acting Performance and celebrate the birthday of one of their favorite actors, Mr. Paul Newman.

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Some Links:

Steven Shaviro on Her
Sean's Ernst Lubitsch List at Letterboxd


  1. Great discussion, guys. Relieved you can confirm for me I'm not crazy in not being over the moon for Her. Also, Joaquin Phoenix's mustache is the perfect definition for "twee," especially because I've used the word without really knowing what it means either. Will use now with absolute confidence. Last, doubly relieved to know someone else has the proper view of football (sorry, I don't mean you, Sean). (Note to self: Never, ever move to Green Bay.)

  2. Replies
    1. If it's any comfort, my 5-year old was singing, "What do the Hawks say? Win, win, win, win, win" to the tune of "What Does the Fox Say" today in the car, so apparently I'm the only one in the family who's been inoculated for football fever.