Saturday, November 28, 2015

Episode 75: Star Wars and Turkish Star Wars (The Man Who Saves the World)

In anticipation of the upcoming The Force Awakens, Sean and Mike take a look back at the first film either of them ever saw, George Lucas's 1977 Star Wars. And in celebration of Thanksgiving, they also talk about Çetin İnanç's 1982 epic The Man Who Saves the World, also known as Turkish Star Wars. They also talk about the singular, wildly successful and somewhat disappointing career of George Lucas and make their picks for the essential Blockbuster Saga.

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Some Corrections:

At one point Sean identifies the composer of the Planet of the Apes score as John Barry, of course it is Jerry Goldsmith.

Mike states that this is Episode 76 of The George Sanders Show. In fact it is Episode 75.

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