Sunday, September 7, 2014

Episode 43: Top Ten Films of All-Time

On this very special episode, Sean and Mike make their third annual Top Ten Films of All-Time selections. Hitchcock, Hawks, Hong and much much more!

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  1. I can assure you, I (Kaj) am not in any way related to Sean, otherwise you guys would've pronounce my name right! :P Not that I blame you, what you went with is a logical assumption of the written form.

    The Affair is one of the finest examples of late '60s Japanese New Wave cinema, though there are far more famous examples that are probably a better starting point. The Affair holds a special place for me, however, because when I first saw it, it opened me up to a new way of watching film, a direct dialogue between viewer and filmmaker purely through images. Not just a conversation, mind you, but a real dialogue.

    1. Aw, man, I'm sorry. How do you pronounce your name? Silent 'J'? I always miss silent Js.

      The Affair sounds great. The Japanese New Wave is something I know almost nothing about. Seen one Oshima (Mr. Lawrence) and that's about it.

  2. It's more like guy or sky. The J works like an I, more or less. But don't worry about it. English speakers have been mispronouncing my name ever since they had to read it without having heard it. :P Or at least since I was 16.

  3. Really great episode, my first, not sure if the normal eps will take but superb stuff. You guys bring a lot of nice color, I think I'm a bigger "stakes" fan but you made them all sound interesting and have given me a fresh slant to take in my movie watching attack. Been following Sean for awhile of LB. Cheers John