Saturday, July 11, 2015

Episode 64: Summer Interlude and Songs from the Second Floor

With Roy Andersson's latest set to open in Seattle in a few days, Sean and Mike decided to spend a cinematic summer in Sweden with Ingmar Bergman's 1951 film Summer Interlude and Andersson's own 2000 film Songs from the Second Floor. They also pick their Essential Swedish Movies, celebrate the greatest Swede of all, Ingrid Bergman, and lament the losses this week of Omar Sharif and The Dissolve.

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  1. So, to sum up, Abba & The Cardigans > Ingmar Bergman & Roy Andersson.

    I'd recommend Together for more Lukas Moodysson rather than Lilya-4-ever, which to me came across like the worst kind of Eurotrash misery porn, which goes from depression to teenage prostitution and human traficking to worse...

    1. I think that encapsulates my feelings on Sweden quite nicely.